Rees Sports


Rees Sports Limited has been created by Tim Rees who was a Professional cricketer at Lancashire County Cricket Club and has been in Sports Coaching for over 10 years. Tim has been involved in coaching at all levels from grass roots to district level players and has encountered participants from all backgrounds and age ranges. His coaching experience varies from working within Sports Development to coaching in venues such as sports clubs, youth centres and schools. Throughout his time in coaching he has gained skills and experience of working within schools delivery various sports and extra curricular clubs, as well as arranging inter and intra school competitions, in the community combating anti social behaviour and organizing tournaments and also in Sports Club settings working on an individual and group basis.

As a junior growing up Tim enjoyed all sports and excelled especially in Basketball and Cricket where he represented England and also in Football where he played for Bolton Wanderers Academy up to U17 Level. Tim’s passion for sports has turned into his career. His wide range of sporting experiences and knowledge is clear in his delivery and his varied coaching experiences helps him to relate to young people from all backgrounds and any ability.

Tim has set up ‘Rees Sports Ltd’ to follow his passion for sport. He and his team want to pass on their knowledge and enthusiasm to get people to participate and enjoy being active. Whether it be in a Club session or a PE lesson the benefits of regular exercise and challenging yourself to become a better player are very rewarding for the participant and will help raise self esteem, confidence, ability to work in a team and get you fit and healthy.